How to Choose the Right Size and Brand of Lift Kit for a Jeep Gladiator?

April 4, 2024

The adrenaline rush that courses through your veins as you navigate your Jeep Gladiator over rugged terrains and rocky paths isn’t something that can be easily explained. The thrill of adventure, the connection with nature, the pure, unadulterated freedom – these are all part of the allure of off-roading. However, to truly enjoy such thrilling escapades, you need to make sure your vehicle is up to the task. One crucial factor that can significantly enhance your off-road experience is installing a high-quality lift kit.

A lift kit is a vehicle modification tool that raises your vehicle’s suspension or body to increase ground clearance. This increase enables your vehicle to sport larger tires, which in turn, provides superior suspension travel and improved off-road capability. But with a plethora of brands and options available in the market, how do you choose the right one for your Jeep Gladiator? This article provides you with comprehensive information to make an informed decision.

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Understanding the Basics of a Lift Kit

Before delving into the specifics of choosing a lift kit, it’s important to understand what a lift kit is and how it affects your vehicle’s performance. A lift kit is essentially a package of parts that elevates your vehicle’s suspension or body. This elevation creates more space between the vehicle’s body and the road, providing room for larger, more aggressive tires and enhancing your vehicle’s off-road capabilities.

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits, one of the most common types of lift kits, provide a significant increase in ground clearance and allow for the installation of larger tires. These kits replace the factory suspension components and give your vehicle a more aggressive stance. Installing a suspension lift kit involves replacing the front and rear shocks and springs, control arms, and sometimes even the steering components.

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Body Lift Kits

On the other hand, body lift kits raise the body of the vehicle off the frame using a series of spacers or blocks. Unlike suspension lift kits, body lift kits do not affect the vehicle’s ride quality since they do not alter the factory suspension components. They are usually cheaper and easier to install but offer limited ground clearance compared to suspension lift kits.

Choosing the Right Size

Now that you understand the basics of lift kits, the next step is to determine the right size for your Jeep Gladiator. The size of the lift kit you choose will primarily depend on your driving needs and preferences.

For instance, if you occasionally go off-roading and primarily use your Jeep Gladiator as a daily driver, a lift kit of 1 to 2 inches should suffice. This size will give your jeep a slightly aggressive stance, improve ground clearance, and allow for larger tires without significantly affecting the factory ride quality or fuel efficiency.

On the other hand, if you frequently traverse rocky terrains or participate in off-road adventures, you might want to consider a lift kit of 3 to 4 inches. This size significantly improves ground clearance and suspension flex, allowing your vehicle to comfortably accommodate larger, more aggressive tires. However, this size may require additional modifications to your vehicle, such as installing extended brake lines or a new driveshaft.

Selecting the Right Brand

Once you’ve decided on the right size, the next step is to choose the right brand. With numerous brands offering a wide range of lift kits, making a choice can be daunting. Here are some reputable brands that are well-known for their quality and performance.

Rough Country

Rough Country is a renowned brand in the world of lift kits, known for its high-quality products that offer excellent value for money. They provide a wide range of lift kits, from simple leveling kits to comprehensive suspension lift kits that include shocks, control arms, and other necessary components. Their products are easy to install and come with detailed installation instructions.


TeraFlex is another reputable brand that offers superior quality lift kits. They specialize in Jeep suspension systems and are known for their innovative designs, robust construction, and excellent performance. Their lift kits come with all the necessary components and offer improved ride quality and control, making them an excellent choice for off-road enthusiasts.

The Importance of Professional Installation

Finally, once you’ve chosen the right size and brand, the next crucial step is the installation. While some lift kit installations can be a DIY project, it’s highly recommended to have them professionally installed. A professional installation ensures that the lift kit is correctly installed, minimizing potential issues down the road.

Moreover, installing a lift kit involves adjusting critical components of your vehicle’s suspension system. These adjustments can significantly impact the vehicle’s handling and performance. As such, it’s essential to ensure that the installation is done by a professional who understands the intricacies of vehicle suspension systems.

In conclusion, selecting the right size and brand of a lift kit for your Jeep Gladiator involves understanding the basics of lift kits, determining your driving needs, researching various brands, and ensuring professional installation. With careful consideration and planning, you can enhance your Jeep Gladiator’s performance and transform your off-road adventures.

Advanced Lift Kit Options

The market offers a range of advanced lift kit options, including short arm and long arm lift kits, that can further enhance the off-roading experience in your Jeep Gladiator. Knowledge of these variants is key to selecting the right kit for your needs.

Short Arm Lift Kits

A short arm lift kit is a popular choice for Jeep owners. These kits are relatively easy to install and keep the factory geometry of your vehicle largely intact. This helps maintain the ride quality similar to that of the factory set-up. A short arm lift kit typically incorporates new control arms, sway bar links, and coil springs to lift your vehicle between 2 to 4 inches. These kits are ideal for mild off-roading and provide a good balance between off-road performance and on-road ride quality.

Long Arm Lift Kits

For more serious off-roading, a long arm lift kit may be the better choice. These kits replace the factory control arms with longer ones, improving ground clearance, suspension flex, and overall off-road capability. A long arm lift kit can provide a lift upwards of 4 inches, allowing for the use of larger tires. These kits are also designed to help maintain a smoother ride at high speeds on uneven terrains. However, they are more complicated to install and may require professional installation.

Other Essential Components for Lifted Jeeps

Adding a lift kit to your Jeep Gladiator is just the first step. To fully equip your Jeep for off-roading, you may need to consider installing additional components. These can include larger tires, extended brake lines, a new driveshaft, and possibly even a new suspension system.

Larger Tires

A lift kit increases the ground clearance of your Jeep, allowing for the use of larger tires. Bigger tires not only give your Jeep a more aggressive look, but they also improve traction and off-road capability. Be sure to choose tires that are designed for the type of terrain you typically drive on.

Extended Brake Lines and New Driveshafts

A higher lift may mean that your factory brake lines are no longer long enough. Extended brake lines can ensure that your Jeep’s braking system still functions effectively. Additionally, a lift of more than 3 inches might necessitate a new driveshaft to accommodate the increased distance between the differential and the transfer case.

Suspension System

Some Jeep owners choose to replace their entire suspension system when installing a lift kit to achieve the best possible off-road performance. This can involve replacing the control arms, sway bar links, and coil springs, among other components. A full suspension upgrade can be a substantial investment, so it’s important to consider whether this is necessary for your driving needs.


In summary, choosing the right brand and size of a lift kit for your Jeep Gladiator is a process that requires careful consideration of your driving needs and preferences. Whether you go with a basic suspension or body lift, a short arm or long arm lift kit, the key is to understand the benefits and limitations of each option. Additionally, remember that installing a lift kit may necessitate additional modifications to your vehicle, such as fitting larger tires, extended brake lines, or a new driveshaft. By taking the time to research and make an informed decision, you can enhance the performance of your Jeep Gladiator, ensuring that your off-road adventures are truly unforgettable.